Without You

Ocean waves twist around my feet,

… a lariat of hardening concrete.

Icy fingers reach across pale skin.

Elusive.  Swift.  I’m pulled in.


Buoyed by the vacancy inside, I

tow my weathered dreams behind.

Without an anchor or a place to tie,

unmoored, I simply lie.


Drifting carved out mannequin,

In search of “might have been.”

Injured birds should stay ashore,

Broken wings, like hearts, can’t soar.


Reverie too stubborn to disperse,

Darkens clouds into sudden burst.

Squalling screams take off windblown.

Thunder stomps, while rains spits down.


Aboutface turns the rising sun.

Ebb and flow, with sway undone,

Whips the surf with turbulent blows.

Rip current unexposed

–lures with calm repose.


Water waves a last good-bye,

Salted tears splash my reply.

The deepest darkest blue,

Rolls on endless without  you.


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