Virulent Encounter

Bushes red and rosy eclipsed the gentlewoman’s walking path

A heathen’s silhouette shifts by, sudden and unnoticed

Irrevocably distracted by the ripened nectarous vapor bath

Oblivious was she to life’s rogue immortal antagonist

Half heard pardons, he had asked and she refused

A trembling smile and an intuitive flash

One child-like and one bemused

A calm indifference to another’s acts so brash

Hungrily a mouth upon a velvet throat

Choked off words go unpronounced

Not so much as a single pleading note

Vital lifeblood convulsively renounced

Warm gulps accelerate this mortal’s bitter end

Depleted veins and arteries, just apathetic bones

A cocktail dressed cadaver with no time to comprehend

her transgressor’s blissful hedonistic moans

Not an inner doubt to plague this suckling

No virtuous conscience to override

He plucks a prickly souvenir with satiated chuckling

A farewell look, a devilish wink, a stalking in his stride


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