Timekeeper’s enduring hands,
Upward, downward gestures.
A tempered ticking tempo,
Arcing continually forward.

Hours, days, months, years,
Relentless in its rhythmic flow,
Of each season’s crescendo.

Love’s cadence, short but sweet,
Brought brio to time’s rhapsody.
Oh, but death did silence our duet.

Broken chords left incomplete,
Discordant solo riff without beat,
Movements in languid disharmony.

Ticktock– a constant resonating sound,
Echoing from sun up to sundown.
But when darkness’ curtain doth descend,
Slumber will  find us once again,
Pirouetting under the diamond-studded
Blanket sky.
Our hearts clapping in reply,
As two worlds in dreams collide.

Sadness suspended bides its time,
Vigilant for mourning’s gray-blue
awakening eye.


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